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Enhance Your Property With Summer Tree Care

Early autumn with modern residential single family home
Diligent homeowners schedule routine tree care on their properties to increase the value of their homes. This guide lists several ways your tree service enhances properties during the summer months.
Take Care of Your Trees to Make Seeing Your Home Easier
When your home is smothered in trees, the curb appeal of your home declines. This is especially true if your home has interesting dormers, roofing tiles, or gables, as the charming architectural features are obscured by overhanging limbs covered in leaves.
Discreet, careful pruning of trees allows your home to be seen in all its glory while still preserving the integrity of your favorite shade and ornamental trees. You can take advantage of the view by removing branches that block nearby scenery. Pruning can also help reduce the amount of tree debris falling on roofing materials and walkways.
Create more space in your yard by selectively removing undesirable trees. Understand that dying limbs and damaged trees may lower property values and make your home off-putting. Have diseased and rotting trees removed to restore cheer to your exterior spaces.
If you're selling your home, then you need to stage and create great images of your home. Your tree service can help you use trees to frame the exterior of your house rather than hiding it. Selective tree pruning helps open up the interior of your home and brings in natural light, which will help with your real estate sales images.
Harness the Sun's Cleaning Power
North Florida's humid climate and shaded neighborhoods make a lovely habitat for mold and mildew. Exterior and interior surfaces grow mold and mildew that look gross and can damage structural elements over time.
Shady areas often remain wet and humid even in the heat of the day. Wet, warm conditions promote mold and mildew growth on:
  • Patios
  • Steps and stairways
  • Decks
  • Pool sides
  • Driveways
While it's true that shade helps keep your home cool in Florida's summer heat, some areas of your property might benefit from brief periods of exposure to the bleaching effects of sunlight. Sunlight is a natural detergent of mold and mildew.
If you have a mold and mildew issue around the home exterior, ask your tree service how you can gain more direct sunlight in that section of your property. Selective pruning and tree removal can help the sun reach the mold and help keep it in check.
Make Sure You're Still Prepared for Hurricane Season
Hurricane season begins in June and lasts through November. During hurricanes and tropical storms, weak branches and trees give way and land on humans, homes, roadways, and power lines. Winds can reach over 150 miles per hour in hurricanes, forcing weak trees to topple in storms.
If you haven't prepared your home for hurricane season, then start now by having your weak, dead, or diseased trees removed. Your tree service can also remove tree limbs that are directly over power lines, roofs, and carports.
When you prepare for hurricane season or ensure your preparations still work, you limit the potential risks of property damage, power disruption, or inability to evacuate due to disabled transportation.
Having a professional tree care service is a good idea, especially during hurricane season. Once you establish a relationship with your tree service, you'll know whom to call when you need emergency tree care.
After storms, you may need help clearing downed trees and other large fallen debris from trees. If damage occurs during hurricane season, your tree service will be able to reach you quickly since they'll know where you are and which equipment to bring along for cleanup efforts. Keep your tree service company's number with your hurricane preparedness material to be ready for storm recovery.
Contact Big Ben's Tree Service to enhance your property this summer. We also offer professional emergency tree services and tree-related hurricane recovery services in the Jacksonville, Florida region.