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Experienced Tree Care Professionals in Jacksonville

About Big Ben’s Tree Service

Our experienced arborists are qualified and knowledgeable tree care professionals. The tree care profession has experienced rapid growth over the past decade, and there is a significant amount of knowledge required to perform at the highest level. You will know right away when you hire an accredited company like Big Ben’s that you have made the right choice.

trees cut in jacksonville
trees cut in jacksonville

We have the proper knowledge and skills as well as a high level of dedication to our profession and community. We understand the importance of saving and recycling trees. It helps to make the world a better place, one tree at a time.

We are the best in the business, but don’t take our word for it. Here is what some of our clients have to say…

trees cut in jacksonville
“Fantastic Experience”
“They came out and removed three trees and trimmed two others without leaving a trace behind. After they had finished the job they actually came back out, after my neighbor complained about one of the remaining trees, free of charge and cut it back further. I had a great experience with them and would recommend them to anyone looking for tree service.”
(by BHub)
“Great Tree Work”
“I ‘ditto’ everything said above – but will add a little. I have used “Big Ben” for perhaps 6-8 years. He and his crew come every other year or so to do the tree work in our “park” (we have about 1/2 acre in the back of our house that we keep in a “natural” state). He does everything from removing large pines damaged by lightning to keeping our wax myrtles from overrunning everything else. Not only are he and his crew competent and courteous – they have a good eye in terms of aesthetics. I am very picky – and the last thing I want is a tree shaped like a lollipop (tree work done this way isn’t very wind resistant either). The first time you have tree work done – whether it’s maintenance work or need to remove a tree that has fallen down during a storm – you may think that the prices are outrageous. But a responsible service will have all the necessary insurance (comp alone is 80% of payroll). And an excellent service – like Ben’s – will come to your house with a huge-chipper shredder – the size of a dump truck – and remove all trash when the job is done. This type of equipment costs a ton of money. We were in Riverside/Avondale after a storm – I think last year – and the yard trash from the downed trees from the storm was still sitting on the curbs a month later waiting for city pickup. The firm with which the city had a contract didn’t have the equipment to get rid of lots of big stuff fast. Ben does. And with the fly-by-night guys who might give you a cheap quote – well you will get what you pay for – including a possible lack of insurance that may put you in a bad position if someone on the job gets hurt – or a tree falls down on your neighbor’s house. That won’t happen if you use Big Ben. I give the firm a big thumbs up.”
(by RobynG555)
John Road letter
“Highly recommended tree service, competitive pricing, great customer service…Awesome”
“During tropical storm Fay, there was a lot of water saturation in my back yard that eroded the ground enough to make a huge 70-80 foot Magnolia tree uproot, fortunately it didn’t fall on anyone’s house, but it was leaning against a smaller tree and the tree was starting to bow under stress…I called several companies, and Big Ben’s had the best estimate, and they even came out to take the tree down only 1 day after I signed the contract, they were about $1800 cheaper than the other crews. They were fast, efficient, professional looking, and cleaned up everything. They have gained my trust in the tree business, and should I need more work in the future they will be the first and possibly only call I make. Big Ben’s was referred to me by a friend, and I have to say they live up to their reputation.”
(by inlinefour)