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We Use a Crane to Remove Large Trees in Jacksonville

You can’t just use an axe to cut down most trees. It always requires safety equipment and sometimes requires the use of a crane. Tree removal using a crane is one of the best ways to get rid of unwanted, diseased or displaced trees. At Big Ben’s Tree Service, we offer some of the advantages of crane-assisted tree removal in Jacksonville, including:

  1. Time reduction – Using a hoist allows us to get the job done in a shorter time. Whether we use ropes and pulleys in conjunction with the crane, or are simply able to do the heavy lifting more quickly, the process is streamlined.
  2. Safety – Safety is greatly increased using this process. Rather than a large, heavy branch or portion of a tree falling to the ground, it is safely lowered to the proper position.
  3. Efficiency – When you consider time reduction, safety and quality of equipment, this method of tree removal becomes one of the most efficient options.
crane service

We Also Offer Bucket Truck Service

In addition to cranes, we offer bucket truck services. With similar advantages, customers are often extremely satisfied when we use a bucket truck to remove their tree. Workers are able to reach more branches in a shorter amount of time when lifted in a bucket. The risk of falling is reduced, and the whole situation is safer overall. For areas that are hard to reach, we are able to get right in there and get the work done.

Getting Started

Before we remove any tree, we will conduct an assessment to ensure the proper method is taken. Taking safety, efficiency, location and other factors into consideration, we’ll decide if a hoist or bucket service is required. Contact Big Ben’s Tree Service in Jacksonville today at 904-641-1131 to discuss your options or to schedule an emergency tree service.